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Water Damage Prevention And Restoration Tips During Heavy Rainfall

water damage restoration owasso

water damage restoration owassoHeavy rains pose a serious water damage threat. This is especially true of old homes and homes that were sloppily constructed. From our water damage restoration team at OK Disaster, serving Owasso, here are five tips for preventing water damage during the rainy season. 

Water Damage Restoration Tips in Owasso

  1. Clean your rain gutters regularly.
  2. Have your foundation inspected.
  3. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly.
  4. If you have one, have your basement or crawl space inspected.
  5. Check your roof for damage.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are designed to be one of your greatest tools in your efforts to prevent water damage. When working properly, they will catch rainwater and divert it away from your home. If they become clogged with leaves and debris as naturally happens over time, however, the rainwater will pool in your rain gutters and spill over the top of them. The result of this is water pooling around the foundation of your home which inevitably leads to water damage and high restoration costs over time. 

Have Your Foundation Inspected

Your home’s foundation is one of your first lines of defense against water damage. Over time, however, it will inevitably shift and even crack which will allow water to seep through it and into your home. To avoid this, take care to have your foundation inspected at least once a year so you can catch any damage before it leads to serious problems. 

Make Sure Doors And Windows Are Sealed Properly

When it rains for weeks at a time, your windows and doors act as defense mechanisms for your home. If they’re poorly or improperly sealed, though, they could wind up leaking a lot of heat or allowing water to enter the home. With this in mind, be sure to re-seal your windows and doors before the heavy rains start. Use weatherstripping, foam tape, caulk, rigid foam insulation, or window film to block any air or water leaks and keep your home cozy (and dry) during the spring deluge.

Have your Basement Inspected

Your basement is a prime target for water damage and one of the first places you should have restoration experts check. There are many ways that water can make its way directly into your basement such as through a leaky window well or damaged hot water heater. To make matters worse, though, any flooding that occurs upstairs will probably make its way down to the basement as well. Inspect your basement often for any indications of potential or ongoing water damage.

Check Your Roof

Roofs aren’t designed to last forever. There is a wide range for how long roofs go before needing to be repaired, but this typically falls somewhere between 10-30 years. If the age of your roof falls within this range, and especially if it falls beyond it, you should have it inspected right away. You should also schedule an inspection if you notice any sagging or missing shingles on your roof. It’s probably time for your roof to receive an overhaul if this is the case.

Don’t let the incoming rains invade your home this rainy season! Should any water damage occur in your Owasso home, however, make sure you give the water damage restoration crew at OK Disaster a call