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Signs Of Bathroom Water Damage

water damage cleanup owasso

water damage cleanup owassoMajor water damage cleanup can result from bathroom leaks, particularly if they go unreported or unfixed for an extended period of time. To locate hidden unnoticed causes of bathroom water leaks before they become a severe issue, you must know what to search for; otherwise, you risk dealing with a water damage cleanup catastrophe. So, what are the initial indications of bathroom water damage?

Water Damage Cleanup Owasso

The following are indications that our experts at Oklahoma Disaster have experienced in their many years of restoration projects.

  1. Mold: Sometimes you might actually see mold growth when water damage has been occurring. Because mold is so dangerous to your health, finding mold in your bathroom is a significant issue. When mold begins to form, there has already been water damage that has not been cleaned up for some time. Finding the source of the water and stopping it is the only method to stop the mold problem from getting worse. You must hire specialists to undertake the remediation in order to safely and effectively eliminate the mold. To safeguard you and your family from the numerous respiratory illnesses brought on by mold exposure, do not wait to get visible mold issues handled, rectified, and sanitized- which includes calling for water damage cleanup.
  2. Musty Odors: Because musty odors are so overpoweringly pungent, this is one of the easiest indications to detect water damage. The musty, moldy, earthy scent should raise serious warning flags that you need water damage cleanup. When moisture becomes trapped in surfaces and starts to promote mold growth, the odor will start to develop. Leaking pipes behind plumbing fixtures in the bathroom will result in moisture being trapped and unable to dry, which will promote the formation and spread of mold behind cabinets, inside walls, and behind the shower, tub, and toilet fixtures. If your bathroom starts to smell musty, you should get it evaluated for concealed water damage by a water damage cleanup specialist.
  3. Spots Or Bubbles On Walls And Ceilings: The drywall will change as a result of water damage behind walls. There is likely excess water accumulating behind the wall, or in the ceiling, if the plaster is flaking, the paint is peeling, or the wallpaper is bubbling. Drywall that has water behind it will swell, resulting in bubbles or blisters. Another sign of a leak behind the wall is when you start to see gaps along the trim or where the tile meets the wall. As soon as you observe any changes to walls or ceilings, water spots or stains, or any other distortions, asses the area for potential water damage.
  4. Damage To Floors: Bathroom floors ought to be resilient enough to sustain contact with water while maintaining their integrity. However, even the most water-resistant floors will start to show signs of damage from extended or excessive exposure to water leaks. If parts of the floor feel soft or spongy, or you notice the warping of floorboards, cracking stains, or loose pieces, there is a high probability that water has gotten underneath the floors and caused some serious damage. 

Water damage cleanup needs to begin as soon as you notice any of the above signs in your bathroom, or anywhere else in your home for that matter. If you suspect water damage, call Oklahoma Disaster Restoration right away.