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Seasonal Flooding And Storms With Tornado Damages In Oklahoma

water damage cleanup owasso

water damage cleanup owassoWestern Oklahoma usually experiences extreme temperatures during the summer heat, but this year, residents in the Rogers and Tulsa counties have the same temperature increases. This heat combined with high levels of moisture creates seasonal storms. 

The ”Green Country” wouldn’t be known for its vegetation, woods, and lakes without lots of precipitation. Tulsa averages 42 inches of rain and 6 inches of snow per year. And yes, they also have hail. While reports of hail peak in May, it can affect Owasso homes in every season. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Owasso

In addition to lots of rain and hail, you are also at risk of local rivers, ponds, and lakes flooding. When rainstorms park over the area, all the bodies of water could overflow and reach your home. While these risks arise with higher levels of rain, these homes also have the chance of occasional tornados that can cause excessive damage, leaving properties much more vulnerable to water damage. Our experts at Oklahoma Disaster Restoration share a few tips on what to do.

Act Fast

If you have suffered storm damage, you will be rattled! As soon as you are sure your family and pets are safe, you must investigate the damage quickly. If there is standing water or live electricity in the same area, do not enter the space until it is cleared by a professional. By acting fast, you can minimize the damage that the water can cause to your home and belongings. The longer it sits, the additional amounts of damage increase as well as the possibility of mold growth.

When Do You Need Reconstruction Services?

After the initial storm damage is managed, you’ll want to get your property back to normal. Not all disaster restoration companies offer reconstruction services. If the water damage in your home is beyond the usage of several towels and air drying the area, it’s highly recommended that you leave the process to the experts. Professionals have the capacity and capability to quickly and efficiently take care of your home. Your project will go better and quicker if the same contractor also takes care of the repairs. Oklahoma Disaster Restoration is an example of a qualified company that will be able to both take care of the water damage and handle the complete restoration of your home. 

Local Experts

Oklahoma Disaster Restoration understands how overwhelming property loss is to homeowners. ODR’s team has years of experience handling every aspect of the restoration process with care, working carefully, and doing all that they can to salvage important personal belongings. The team performs emergency repairs for water damage 24/7, communicates with the appropriate construction partners, and estimates the damages with your insurance company to restore your home to its original condition as soon as possible. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way so you don’t have to be alone throughout the process. Contact Oklahoma Disaster Restoration for your water damage needs today!