mold damage
mold damage on boards

Project Description

Client:  Ed Kaplan, Buckingham Group
Location:  Tulsa, OK 74104
Surface Area: Listed soon
Year Completed:   2020
Architect: Daniel Biggs and Kristen Peters

ODR was contacted in late August to come out and do an inspection of the potentially affected areas of the home, the concern was high because of possible health implications. Upon inspection, Daniel determined that the entire HVAC system was the root of the problem, and the whole upstairs needed remediation. Since multiple rooms were impacted a “clean room” had to be established first for our techs to work safely in. Once that was done, then other areas of the house could be contained. Air scrubbers were brought in during the cleaning and containment process, carpet had to be removed and structural cleaning took place.

The Challenges

The upstairs was only the first phase of this whole project. The main floor and the downstairs basement were the second and third phase, respectfully. Drywall had to be removed along with areas of sheet rock in the restroom. More carpet was removed so that the pad could be cleaned.

Target completion date is February 1, 2020.