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Professional Checklist of a Water Damage Cleanup Service

Water Damage Cleanup Owasso

Water Damage Cleanup OwassoAfter the water damage and cleanup service, people love to move back to their places. However, it is vital to know the procedures mostly adopted by restoration services. Likewise, checking the primary checklist is their final revision of all the work they have done. So, if there is something left undone, they can address it. 

Furthermore, unlike most water damage services, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration in Owasso take their job earnestly and inspect the following item before leaving your premises.

Water Damage Cleanup in Owasso

They Ensure If Your House Is Ok To Move In

Once the job on site is completed, the professionals need to inspect the area. Similarly, they examine the following factors:

  • No spot with a chance of electrocution.
  • No mold or its future possibilities.
  • No slippery surfaces.
  • Moisture level within the home/residence.
  • No open wires or hoses.
  • No rodent infestations.

They have the experience and knowledge to clean up the mess and ensure that your home is structurally sound and safe to move back into. 

They Inspect The Moisture Level On The Site

Water damage is never fun. Whether it’s a result of a broken pipe or a heavy storm, it’s always a pain to deal with. And once the water has been cleaned up, the last thing you want is for the damage to return. That’s why professionals need to inspect the moisture level on the site. 

Finally, they’ll be able to tell you if there’s still a risk of further damage and help you take steps to prevent it. 

Personal Safety Is A Priority

Once the water has been cleared away, the real work begins. The professionals have to come in and check to see if the area is safe for you and your family. 

They look for:

  • Mold.
  • Mildew.
  • Other potential hazards. 

And if they find anything, they’ll let you know so you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

So, next time you’re dealing with water damage, remember that the cleanup is only half the battle. The other half ensures that your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

They Check If The Area Has Been Sterilized Properly

The last step in their inspection is to ensure that there are no chances of any disease infestation. So, the area must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

If the following is left unchecked, diseases are known to happen in water damage cleanup sites:

  • Typhoid
  • Lungs infections.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Mold-induced asthma.

So, please take good care and ensure your professionals inspect the area perfectly. 


If you’re an Owasso resident and experienced water damage, don’t worry. Oklahoma Disaster Restoration is here to help. They provide various services to make the cleanup process as smooth as possible for you. Also, their top priority is your safety, ensuring the area is properly sterilized and controlling moisture levels. 

Give us a call today, and let them help you get your life back on track.