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Preventing Water Damage During The Winter Months

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water damage cleanup owassoWater damage is something no one wants to deal with no matter the time of year. However, the threat of water damage striking your property is amplified during the cold winter months. From our trusted team of water damage cleanup experts at Oklahoma Disaster Restoration in Owasso, here are four simple steps to keep water damage out of your home during the winter months. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Owasso

Inspect Water Supply Lines

It is recommended that you conduct an annual check of the supply lines in your home. Be sure to look for signs of wear or obvious damage. Look for leaks around your hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, and all other appliances that require a water supply line. Freezing temperatures can pose additional threats to your supply lines so be sure to place extra attention on them in the winter. This simple step can save you from costly water damage cleanup costs down the road. 

Set Thermostat To A Minimum Temperature

One of the simplest ways to protect your pipes during the cold months is to set your thermostat to a minimum temperature. This will help ensure the temperature remains at a safe level so it won’t cause any potential damages.

Protect Pipes From The Freezing Temperatures

One of the best ways to prepare is to insulate accessible pipes with pipe insulation materials, especially in attics and crawl spaces. Be sure to keep cabinet or closet doors open to help prevent pipes there from freezing when the temperature drops significantly. One thing to consider getting is a low-temperature detector, which sends alerts to your phone if temperatures in certain areas of your home near pipes dip below freezing. Another important step is to keep your faucet set to a drip on cold nights to keep water from freezing.

Clean Out Rain Gutters

Don’t let leaves and debris build up inside your rain gutters. If this happens rainwater or melted snow will pool up, spill over the top of the gutters, and settle around the foundation of your property causing major problems. Also, hire a professional to conduct roof inspections often and repair any missing or damaged shingles. Any openings or holes in your roof can allow unwanted water to come through the roof. Furthermore, be sure to also check the status of your downspouts. Generally, downspouts are expected to go out at least 5-10 feet away from the foundation of your property. Otherwise, water can potentially runoff toward your property’s foundation instead of away from it.

Don’t let your home be an easy target for winter water damage and cleanup costs! Be sure to take these necessary precautions well before temperatures drop below freezing. Only then are you guaranteed a better chance at preventing any winter water damage in your home. For more advice about preparing your property for winter, give us a call at Oklahoma Disaster Restoration in Owasso.