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The Three Types of Water Damage

ODR first evaluates the water damage, assessing the cause and the type, and uses the techniques best suited to its restoration. The result is faster, more effective restoration that contains and eliminates the water damage, assuring it doesn’t cause other more expensive problems.

Category 1 – Clean Water:

A clean water loss is just what it sounds like. It involves clean water, typically from frozen and broken pipes, ice maker hoses, failed water heaters, roof leaks, etc.

Category 2 – Grey Water:

This is water that has been used to clean something and therefore may contain contamination or soiling such as food, laundry soils, body soils and body oils, etc. Grey water damage generally comes from washing machines, dishwashers, tub overflows, spas, etc.

Category 3 – Black Water/Sewage:

The most serious type of water damage is black water (or sewage), which contains human and/or animal waste and typically comes from toilet, sewer and septic system back-ups or overflows. Black water is teeming with thousands of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa and can cause very serious illnesses if not treated properly.

Possible Effects of Water Damage

Water damage can be as minor as water spots, rotting wood, rusting steel, de-lamination of plywood; and can be as catastrophic as the destruction of the shelter you’ve worked for all your life. Our water damage restoration team will help you to save yourself and your family from all the trouble before you have to evacuate to a dry, safe place.

Why Choose an ODR Professional?

The first thing you think about when you find out that your home or business is flooded will probably be “Oh no, what am I suppose to do?.” Your best and easiest solution would be calling the experts at ODR, and get some help. If you are located in Tulsa or surrounding areas, your best choice is to call us, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration.

Frequently Asked Questions and other Resources


Some frequently asked questions about Water & Flood, Fire & Smoke, and Mold Remediation processes at Oklahoma Disaster Restoration.

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