2024 IICRC Courses

Join us for upcoming IICRC certification courses hosted by Oklahoma Disaster Restoration.

Upcoming Courses

Contents Processing Technician

IICRC CPT Certification

Taught by the instructor that helped create this new IICRC certification designation, this course is designed to give contents technicians the knowledge and understanding to competently recover, manipulate, and process personal property and contents contaminated with fire residues, exhaled smoke residues, water, mold, blood and body fluids, infectious disease, regulated and hazardous materials, irritating powders, animal markings, and more!

Your CPT instructor will use simple explanations, real case studies and learning lessons to provide the education necessary to understand the proper procedures of contents processing.


This hands on class will include complete project processing from pack-out to pack-back with topics such as:

  • Health & safety protocols
  • Contamination type & categorization
  • Contamination characteristics
  • Contents inspection & assessment
  • Documentation, estimating, & invoicing tips
  • Project preparation & processing
  • Inspection, cleaning & deodorization tools & equipment
  • Cleaning solutions & antimicrobials
  • Restoration & preservation techniques
  • Wet, dry, & ultrasonic cleaning practices
  • Proper box packing & item packaging
  • Odor removal options for contents

This course is a must for anybody involved in Water, Mold, Trauma, Fire, Sewage, Bloodborne Pathogens, Tear Gas or Meth jobs.

There is an increasing focus on companies being sustainable suppliers, this course will elevate your staff to being one with an international qualification from the IICRC in contents restoration and open additional opportunities for work. Insurance companies are now searching out and requiring suppliers to offer this service.

This class structure will include all the necessary study guides, workbooks, exam preparation tools and reviews. Hand on equipment, tools and chemicals will be used as part of this in person course.

Trauma and Crime Scene Technician

IICRC TSCT Certification

Environments that have sustained damages from blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials, or potentially pathogenic microorganisms require technicians that have been trained in specialized remediation processes.

The IICRC TCST Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning Technician certification course will prepare attendees working on crime and accident scenes contaminated with bloodborne pathogens and infectious disease, along with many other scenes requiring a skilled and qualified person.

IICRC instructors will use simple explanations, theory, case studies and hands on training that is staged to look like a real job, which may be encountered.

Note: this course uses real life images that some people may find disturbing, and the practical exercise will be as real as possible and may include; odors, fake blood, skin and bone matter you would be exposed to.


This class will include topics such as:

  • Health & safety protocols
  • Psychological Issues
  • Hazard / Risk Assessment
  • Exposure Control Plan
  • PPE and engineering controls
  • Site inspection & assessment
  • Technician & project preparation
  • The proper use of containment & air filtration devices
  • Contents and structural remediation, what can be restored, what should be disposed of
  • Proper cleaning and legal disposal
  • Hoarding, drug labs, firearms, needles and syringes, tear gas and luminol
  • Demolition
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Motor vehicles
  • Waste Disposal in accordance with state regulations
  • Clearance testing and options available
  • Cleaning chemicals & antimicrobials
  • Tools & equipment
  • Proper cleaning & deodorization practices
  • Client communications
  • Undertake work in accordance with IICRC S540 Standard

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