b'Andy TiefenthalerLE ShawverRoosevelt PattersonProject Manager Estimator EstimatorIICRC Water DamageIICRC Water Damage IICRC Water Damage IICRC Commercial Drying IICRC Fire & Smoke IICRC Applied Stuctural Drying IICRC Fire & Smoke IICRC Odor Control IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation IICRC Odor Control 15 years in Construction IICRC Fire & SmokeICRA Certified Health Care IICRC Odor ControlLarge Loss Management 10 years in Restoration22 years in RestorationOklahoma Disaster Restoration employs 25 full-time employees. The team members that will likely take care of losses at your location are pictured above. In addition to the above we have 4 other estimator/Brady Deaton Don Shouse project managers, 10 full Business Development Project Manager time field techs, 2 full time IICRC Water Damage 10 years in Restorationoffice staff, 2 interns, and IICRC Fire & Smoke 40 years in Construction5 years in Restoration a few permanent seasonal helpers.5'