b'C ONSTRUCTIONL IMITEDW ARRANTYRestoring Lives One Disaster At A Time O KLAHOMAD ISASTERR ESTORATION(Contractor) provides the following Warranty on repairs and materials for all its construction projects. The Contractor warrants for a period of one (1) year from the date of the certificate of completion or date of homeowners occupancy, whichever comes first, that all workmanship of the Contractor and the subcontractors working on the repairs (1) will be performed in accordance with the Contractors estimate and construction agreement with the homeowner, and (2) will be of good quality and free from fault or defect. The Contractor warrants that all materials, equipment, or other building components furnished by the Contractor, or its subcontractors will be new, or good quality and free from defects.This Limited Warranty is in effect only if Contractor is paid in full. ONE (1) YEAR COVERAGE- This Limited Warranty commences on the date of certificate of completion, or the date of Homeowners occupancy, whichever occurs first and continues for a period of one (1) year.NON-TRANSFERABLE - This Limited Warranty is not transferable and will automatically terminate if property is leased, vacated or sold by original Homeowner.REQUEST FOR WARRANTY SERVICES - The Homeowner with a Limited Warranty complaint must submit a clear and specific WRITTEN request to the Contractor at the address shown on this Limited Warranty. No Limited Warranty work will be performed until complaint has been received in writing, unless designated an emergency. REMEDY - The Contractor will, within ninety (90) days, examine an alleged defect to determine if it is covered by this Warranty. A defect covered by this Limited Warranty will be repaired, replaced, or replaced with item of like kind, at Contractors expense.Contractor reserves the right to charge the owner a reasonable sum per service call or any request not covered under this Limited Warranty. Any repair or replacement shall not extend the Warranty term. The total liability of Limited Warranty is limited and shall not exceed the price of the original repair.DISCOLORING - Repair or replacement of interior and exterior surfaces, including driveways and sidewalks, will be limited to the defective area.CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES - Limited Warranty Coverage does not include consequential damage or inconvenience resulting from a defect.RIGHT OF ACCESS - Homeowner must provide the Contractor access to property during normal weekday business hours to perform its obligations under this Limited Warranty. Failure to provide such access may relieve Contractor of its obligations. (Some Exclusions Apply) 23 6565 E 42nd Street, Tulsa OK 74145P.O. Box 471346 Tulsa, OK 74147 918-622-7641 Phone918-622-7642 Fax www.okdisaster.com '