b'Introducing ODR Zero HourEmergency Response ProgramNoonecantrulypredicthowmuchdamage earthquakes,tornadoes,wilddres,and oodscan cause to your business or facility. Not only are natural sourcesathreat,butsourceslikewaterheaters, furnaces, sprinkler systems, toilets, electrical systems, etc.canalsocausedamage. Thesechallengesoften occurwithlittleornowarning,leavingownersand managers virtually unprepared to respond.ODR Zero Hour is the premier Emergency Response Planning App designed specidcally for your business orfacilityandputscriticaldecisionmakingWith Plan Ahead, youll be able to information in the palm of your hand quickly identify:Where critical shutos & blueprints are ODR Zero Hour will save you valuable time andlocated. money when damage occurs. What potential hazards exist & what safety protocols to follow.ODR Zero Hour allows you to catalog importantWhat key stakeholders need to respond.building information and service procedures - all accessible from a smartphone. ODR Zero Hour connects you with a DIRECT LINE to your preferred Emergency Response Contractor making it possible to limit and even eliminate downtime to your business.'