b'ODR Gives Back to CommunityMedia attention is at an all-time high as several local schools are singing the praises of ODRs latest philanthropy: donations of Automated External Defibrillators.ODR General Manager Tammy Stokes says the company really likes the attention not only for ODR but also for the schools.We are happy when the media broadcasts the news of the AED installations. It brings to attention how easy these are to use and how they can save lives she said. I used to think I wasnt qualified to use this device but its easy and it does the thinking for you.An AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias which lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Often confused with a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest is a serious condition that in some cases may be fatal.The first of 2022 was Prue schools in September, a donation that Prue Superintendent Craig Thurman said would help give the school valuable time when dealing with the unthinkable. We are a rural school in southern Osage County, and sometimes help is a long way away, he said. We appreciate this more than they will ever know. You can never be too prepared regarding safety, especially something as serious as this.TV Crews and news agencies throughout the state were quick to respond with reporters at the scene, showing all of Oklahoma that ODR loves to give back.In December Glencoe Mayor John Kuhn spoke on the occasion of another donation, this time to Glencoe Schools saying that the donation was meaningful to the school and the entire town, citing that the schools gymnasium doubles as a city storm shelter.Im very thankful that we have people that will step in and help out our community, he said at the time. Again the donation was met with statewide media coverage and accolades.'